First impressions count. Your signage is your best marketing tool.

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When it comes to capturing the attention of your potential customers, pulling them in from the street and encouraging them to buy your products or services, you don’t have a stronger tool than your signage. Sure, in a digital world your social media presence and website does a lot of the heavy lifting, but nothing can replace the impact of a well made sign on your foot traffic.

It’s the first impression that a customer will have of your business – your place to show your personality, your brand, and the perfect advert for everything you have within your four walls. 

Not only does the right sign attract customers who are looking for your service, it will also give you the edge over any nearby competitors too. A professional sign gives your customers the impression that you’re a professional business, ready to help them with their needs – be that hair and beauty, hardwares, products or services.

Here at G4 Graphics, we’re experts in creating effective signage for all kinds of businesses – and here are just a handful of examples:

When Yoghies was going to open, they knew they needed to showcase the fun behind their frozen yoghurt, but also keep the signage clear and concise. This white background, utilising the pop of colour drawn from their logo, stands out on the street whilst clearly demonstrating exactly what customers can find when walking through their front door.

Purple Cupcakes also used colour really effectively with their sign, showing their curved and pretty typeface alongside the clear and spaced font of the telephone number and URL – meaning that customers can see that information clearly and easily when just passing by.

Perhaps one of our most colourful designs to date was for Swankies. Upholstery and Curtains brand Swankies wanted to show their personality, and use pops of colour alongside traditional patterns from some of their products on the front of the shop. The shadowing on the logo gives a 3D effect which captures attention from passers by.

G4 Graphics is a team of professional sign makers, based in Wyke, West Yorkshire. We create signs and graphics like the above for all manner of businesses, and pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every sign we make is produced to the very highest standards and delivered to your exact specifications.

We cover all aspects of signage including retail and commercial signs, banners and cut out 3D lettering. Customers come directly to G4 Graphics for their signs because of our reputation of quality of manufacture and attention to detail.

Our team of experienced sign makers deliver fast results, and it is our commitment to achieve the very best results for our clients.

Contact a member of the friendly team at G4 Graphics on 01274 508404 for a free quote.

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